Travel & Tourism Calculator

The travel & tourism calculator allows travellers to calculate greenhouse gas emissions for their domestic and overseas travel, and/or New Zealand-specific accommodation and recreational activities.

The carboNZero programme measures all greenhouse gas emissions and converts them to carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2-e). Although most of the emissions measured for your travel, accomodation and activities are carbon dioxide (CO2), your results from the travel & tourism calculator include other relevant greenhouse gases.

  • To calculate your emissions, simply enter the appropriate values in the list.
  • Click on the types of transport to help you work out the distances involved.
  • You can then offset your emissions by purchasing carbon credits via the online payment facility, subject to availability of carbon credits.

Accommodation help Nights CO2-e (kg)
Hotel (lodge, motor inn)  nights----
Motel  nights----
Private home  nights----
Backpackers  nights----
Camping (huts)  nights----
Bed & Breakfast/Farmstay  nights----
Total CO2-e Emissions from Accommodation --- kg

Transport help Distance (km) CO2-e (kg)
International Air  pkm travelled----
Domestic Air  pkm travelled----
Rental car  km travelled----
Private car  km travelled----
Scheduled Coach  pkm travelled----
Camper van  km travelled----
City Bus  pkm travelled----
Train  pkm travelled----
Cook Strait ferry (one way is 96 km)  pkm travelled----
Backpacker bus  pkm travelled----
Other ferry (e.g. Stewart Island)  pkm travelled----
Hitchhiking  pkm travelled----
Motorbike  km travelled----
Yacht/Boat  pkm travelled----
Total CO2-e Emissions from Transport ---

Recreation help Visits or Participation CO2-e (kg)
Restaurant/Cafe  visits----
Buildings (e.g. museum, visitors centre)  visits----
Parks, zoos  visits----
Amusement, theme parks  visits----
Industry, winery, brewery  visits----
Performance, theatre, show  visits----
Shopping, casino, bar  visits----
Nature attractions, caves, geothermal  visits----
Air activity, scenic flights  visits----
Water activity, boating  visits----
Adventure, kayak, bungee, ski  visits----
Nature activity, hiking, riding  visits----
Total CO2-e Emissions from Recreation --- kg

  Your total carbon emissions are ---kg CO2-e